Who We Are

We are experienced consultants and project managers with a track record of completing complex assignments on time, within a budget, and meeting or exceeding assignment expectations. We strive to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of work, timely delivery, professional behavior, customer service, and value for money. We have a unique organizational structure that is designed to deliver the highest standard of quality and innovative support while keeping procedures and costs as low and flexible as possible. We are a hybrid organization, financing our commitment to developing relevant and effective approaches to gender equality with both grant funds and fee-for-service contracts. We are adept at both short-term consultancies and longer-term support. We are also accustomed to working with single organizations and/or coalitions or networks.

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We are Josthrive Consulting

Across the globe, governments and economies are under strain from polarization and discrimination. Countries have found the social fabric that once tied them together to become fractured or shaky because of infighting, radicalization, and rising populism. As a result, it can feel impossible to find common ground, especially when creating and effecting good leadership and public policy. Josthrive Consulting is a consulting firm that addresses those needs head-on.

Josthrive Consulting works with dynamic and passionate leaders from the private and/or public sectors to form public policy that spans the divide. With our specialization, we address some of the most urgent concerns of our time.

Our Mission

Josthrive Consulting is a full-service management consulting firm, specializing in policy processes, advocacy, leadership development and training, organizational management, and global business strategies. Our practical approach enables participants to boost performance, improve outcomes, and craft effective solutions to complex problems.

Our services are designed specifically to help businesses, organizations, and professionals to be more focused, more efficient, and more effective leaders. Utilizing industry experience and functional expertise, Josthrive Consulting goes beyond the norm to achieve results.

At Josthrive Consulting, our vision is to raise the bar of excellence. Successful entrepreneurs, leaders, professionals, and individuals know the importance of investing in leadership development. Our specialized and innovative coaching, workshops, seminars, and consulting services represent a valuable investment in initiating changes today and realizing achievements tomorrow. They are designed for leaders and organizations with aggressive visions and ambitious goals.

Our Core Values

Our core values define who we are as a consulting firm, what you can expect from us, and what guides our approach to providing services.



At Josthrive Consulting, we collaborate on all our work, as a committed team to develop the best product.



You can count on us always, every time! We will deliver your needs within agreed specifications, costs, and timelines.



Ethics is our watchword. We hold ourselves accountable to global standards.



We have a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement, which will build the capacity to deliver ahead of our competition.



Innovation is in our DNA. We disrupt the market, using innovative technologies.


Quality Delivery

We will deliver beyond your quality specifications. We hinge our reputation on quality, ranking it above profits always.

“Adjusting to change requires flexibilities, fresh perspectives, and the willingness to learn.”

Dr. Barth Shepkong
Founder & CEO